1.2 beta 4

We are pleased to announce the last release of the beta program for version 1.2.

  • Version 1.2 includes a lot of performance improvements – everything takes a lot less memory than before, and many things should be a bit faster too.
  • We have added support for drawing separator lines between some or all rows and/or columns of a Table Panel.
  • You can now customize Links in more ways than before.
  • There are additional ways to navigate or operate on trees.
  • We have added several new samples.
  • We have added an “extensions” folder: Extensions. This holds several sample apps which depend on the regular GoJS library plus extension classes inheriting from Layout, Tool, or CommandHandler.
  • We now supply a type definition file for TypeScript.

See the complete list of changes for 1.2 beta: Change Log.

Changes for 1.2 beta 4

  • Diagram.makeImage now correctly includes or excludes the grid based on showGrid and showTemporary when a parts list is used.
  • The viewport now changes size appropriately on browser window maximize and restore.
  • When a Diagram's div is hidden in such a way that its clientWidth or clientHeight go to zero, the old viewport width and height are kept at their old values until they are changed to nonzero values again.
  • Fixed copying of custom link points within the DraggingTool.
  • Fixed the Panel.data binding of tooltip Adornments for GraphObjects created for items in a Panel.itemArray.
  • Fixed Placeholder positioning when a Placeholder has a padding or the Group has a non-default locationSpot.
  • On touch-supported devices, the default context menu no longer appears if the right-click was initiated with a mouse.
  • Fixed Node.collapseTree not causing the Diagram to redraw.
  • Fixed some geometric arc calculations on Geometries with more than one Figure.