1.2 beta

The second beta release is now available for public testing and evaluation.

The kits are: [… now obsolete]

There are lots of new features in version 1.2. But instead of listing them all here, I’ll post separate topics about some of them.

You can read online documentation or try the online samples at GoXam.com.

When the final 1.2 kits become available, all of these links will be obsolete.

Is there a document on the NEW features or enhancements of v1.2? Thanks!

Each kit contains a README file that describes all of the new features and bug fixes.

Most of the bug fixes are also available in the 1.1.x DLLs that are more recent than the 1.1.3 MSI installation kit.

Thanks! Could you please tell me when will the v1.2 be released?

I don’t know – if everything goes well, in a few weeks.