2.4: ClassDiagramNode screen shot

This screen shot shows three instances of the ClassDiagramNode example class. Don’t take the contents or the meaning of the links seriously–it just demonstrates what you and what the user could do.
Each ClassDiagramNode has only a single port. It is actually a GoBoxPort so that the links can be positioned evenly on each side of the node.
Each node also holds three GoCollapsibleHandles, shown with two different Styles: GoCollapsibleHandleStyle.PlusMinus (the default) and Chevron.

I have put up an updated version of this example class in the latest Demo1 sample.

I have improved the appearance slightly, including making the gradient StartColor and EndColor as properties you can set, having the selection rectangle for the text items extend across the whole node, and being able to set the ItemWidth for all items in the node.

I also fixed a bug that occurred when copying a node and avoided accidentally modifying the document when doing a GoView.EditCopy.

Yet another improvement – this time with an override of DoResize to support interactive resizing if you set Resizable to true.