drags GoTextNode funny?

I’m using for Windows Forms in Visual Studio 2005. When I drag a GoTextNode or a GoMultiTextNode on a GoView, it looks as though I’m dragging a copy of the node - I.E. the node appears to be in the original position as well as being dragged by the mouse. Only when I drop the node somewhere else in the view does it erase from the original location.

I can reproduce this easily, by creating a new Windows Form project, dragging a GoView onto it and adding the code below to the Form_Load() method.
Is it possible to make the image of the node at the original coordinates disappear as soon as the user moves the node they are dragging?
Northwoods.Go.GoTextNode node2 = new Northwoods.Go.GoTextNode(); node2.TopLeftMargin = new SizeF(80, 10); node2.BottomRightMargin = new SizeF(80, 10); node2.Top = 90; node2.Left = 90; node2.Text = "GoTextNode"; goView1.Document.Add(node2);

Set GoView.DragsRealtime = true.

The default behavior is actually most similar to the behavior of dragging icons on the desktop. This has been the default since before GoDiagram 1.0.

Thank you!