We have just created new 2.5.2 kits.
The primary impetus for creating new kits was the impending arrival of Windows Vista and Internet Explorer 7. We have been testing with Vista RC1, of course.
The kits now install all the files under “My Documents” (aka “Documents” in Vista). This helps avoid problems on Vista with trying to open up projects when the sample sources were under “Program Files”.
There is still a lot of turmoil within Microsoft regarding installers and User Account Control. For now our kits install fine, except that H2 help does not register correctly unless you are running as an Administrator without User Account Control. The typical developer will probably be in the Administrator group but many (most?) will have User Account Control turned on, which causes a help registration failure when installing our kits.
We also had to change the implementation of GoView and GoWeb.js in GoDiagram Web to work-around an image-caching bug in Internet Explorer 7 as running on Vista RC1. Apparently Microsoft has improved the image-caching behavior compared to the last baselevel. Although it is still broken, we cannot assume that Microsoft will actually fix this before Vista and IE7 are released.
While we were at it, 2.5.2 also includes a few bug fixes that people have reported or that we have discovered (see the release notes in the respective kits), as well as a few minor new features.
One of those is an oft-suggested feature which I hope will help you find bugs in your applications: we have added checks for modifications of GoCollection or GoSelection during enumeration. So, for example, the following code now throws an InvalidOperationException, assuming the selection is non-empty:
foreach (GoObject obj in goView1.Selection) { obj.Remove(); }
Although the kits are there already, we haven’t updated our web site yet to refer to the new kits. They are named the same as the old ones, but ending with “2522” instead of “2512”, or ending with “2521” instead of “2511”.