Can't drag control from toolbox

I’m using GoWeb, Visual Studio .NET 2005 (Team Edition) Service Pack 1.

I created a toolbox panel for the GoWeb controls in VS.
When I drag a control from the toolbox onto my ASP.NET designer view, I get a message about memory being corrupted and nothing happens. I have to insert the controls manually into my ASPX by inserting the markeup tags (which don't appear to be documented anywhere, btw, unlike the ASP.NET controls).
What's the problem here?

I’m unable to reproduce this problem. I just created a new web site, opened my Toolbox, did a Choose Items to include the Northwoods.GoWeb.dll, and dragged a GoView onto my Default.aspx page form designer. I could select it and modify its properties in the Properties window.

Yes, it's true that we didn't officially document the ASPX syntax, but it follows the conventions, and there are lots of samples.
If you open up the Choose Toolbox Items dialog for the Toolbox, does the item for GoView refer to the same assembly as the one you actually installed and are actually using? I could imagine that if the toolbox components are referring to an old version, and you had uninstalled the old version, there might be problems.

I can’t reproduce it in a new web site’s form or user control, but it happens in our web site in our project.

Our project is using other licensed controls. I will investigate further to see if I can reproduce it in a limited environment.