We have just created kits for version 2.6.2.

The only non-trivial new features are:
- GoBoxPort adds two properties, FromSides and ToSides, to limit the sides where a link might connect. The side spots can be combined, to make it easy to make sure all links connect at only the left or the right side, for example:
GoBoxPort p = ...
p.FromSides = GoObject.MiddleLeft | GoObject.MiddleRight;
p.ToSides = GoObject.MiddleLeft | GoObject.MiddleRight;
- GoXmlWriter.Generate now has overloads that take a TextWriter and an XmlWriter
- GoXmlReader.Consume now has overloads that take a TextReader and an XmlReader
- for .NET 2.0, GoXmlWriter now has an XmlWriterSettings property and GoXmlReader now has an XmlReaderSettings property
For ASP.NET, we have improved GoView to be ASP.NET AJAX UpdatePanel aware.
And there were a few bug fixes. See the release notes in the kit that you use.

How often are new releases released in a given year?

Thank you.

That varies, depending on the need for bug fixes and the pace at which we develop features that people ask for. There have been three kits so far this year, although one was a beta. There were ten kits last year, including a few releases, several betas, and 2 limited-distribution bug fix kits.