A problem as pasting

Hi Walter,
I copied an object by called the method GoView.EditCopy;
But after then, I pasted the object by called the GoView.EditPaste, there is no copied object. Althrougt, I can paste the object to the MS Word or MS Paint. I still can copy by droped with keeping the Ctrl key.
More information:
My object’s overrided from the GoTextNode, the background of the object assigned by the GoGroup.
Tell me the cause of this.

This is covered in the FAQ and in the User Guide. It’s probably a serialization problem. Are you getting any messages sent to trace listeners, for example in the Visual Studio Output window?
The reason it is showing up in Word or Paint is because EditCopy also puts a bitmap of the selection in the clipboard.

Thank Walter,
I found that it’s serialization problem.
Have a nice day