About overview

I am having a problem with the Overview.

The overview seems to work fine if the observed diagram is simple. I change the IncrementalTree sample to add a overview diagram, i expanded a sub tree, the overview is fine, it add a sub tree too, but when i CollapseTree, the overview diagram has no change. why?

Any help will be appreciated.

The problem is that the Nodes and Links in your Overview do not have their visibility bound to properties of the data that reflect the visiblity of the Nodes and Links in your Diagram.

Since this is a common scenario, it might make sense for the implementation of Overview to automatically maintain the Part.Visible property for all Parts in the Overview.

You didn’t say if you are using Silverlight or WPF.

You can try the DLLs in the appropriate ZIP file:
(EDIT: the latest DLLs are described in http://www.nwoods.com/forum/forum_posts.asp?TID=3038)