About snap GuidedDragging extension

When I drag two or more nodes it snaps just one node adjust location. not all selected nodes snap to the right position. It result mess up the aligned cols or rows.


Yes, that’s intentional – it’s only supposed to work on the primary (i.e. first) selected Part. It doesn’t make sense to try to show guidelines for more than one node at a time. That would be a mess.

And thus it isn’t supposed to snap all of the selected Parts, rather than just the primary one. I suppose there could be situations where you would want all dragged Parts to be lined up just like the primary one, but to me that seems unusual.

You are free to modify the GuidedDraggingTool and any other extension in any way that you need for your app. We do recommend that you copy extensions into your own projects, even if you do not modify them.

Good, thank you. I will think about it.