Access linkDataArray in FixedForceDirectedLayout

I am trying add blinking behaviour to links in FixedForceDirectedLayout graph. I have followed below example and was success for Nodes.

Following is the code segment for blink Nodes

Now I want to apply same logic for links. But I can not access linkDataArray as in example (arr = m.linkDataArray) as it throws ‘linkDataArray’ does not exist in type ‘Model’.

Thank you!

Construct a GraphLinksModel, not a Model.

I tried as follows and it worked!

var arr = (m as go.GraphLinksModel).linkDataArray;

Please be careful in your terminology.

A compiler never “throws” an exception. That’s just a compilation error message.

At run-time the code may “throw” an exception. That’s the behavior of the library.

I thought you were talking about a run-time exception, not a TypeScript compiler error message.