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I’m programming business process modeler with godiagram.
I have got some problem dealing with some situation.
I inherited GoIconicNode to implement 8-Port Icon Node with noresizable attribute.
the problem is I couldn’t draw backward link , when I select a node(source) to make a link to a certain node(destination) in modeler, I couldn’t find the focus over a node. A node without any link, I can connect to it. but If already with 1 more link. I couldn’t connect to them.
also What I found is that I think that in GoIconicNode, this node seems to consider precedence of nodes conneted, so I could connect to a forward node with several links, but I couldn’t connect to a backward node with even single link. is this true?

Is there any way to implement better with sample code?
What I want is, a port could be connected from several nodes and to serveral nodes, and a node has 8-port or more ports. In addition, I want to show highlist while connectiong two nodes on the ports of a node which is hovered by mouse.
Is there any one who can help me to solve this problem with sample code or how to do?
PS. I can draw the straight flow.
sample images are attached.


Did you set the GoDocument.ValidCycle property to restrict the kinds of cycles (loops) that links could make in the document?
You might also consider the effects of the GoPort properties that start with “IsValid…”.
However, I believe the default values for both the GoDocument and GoPort properties would still permit the user to draw a link in the manner you want.