I'm evaluating GoSilverlight and asked already two times using the tool on your home page. No answer. Now I'll try it here
When I start the demo I get an ActiveX warning. Is GoSilverlight pure Silverlight or are there native Components included. Why I get this ActiveX warning?
Thanx in advance

GoSilverlight is implemented entirely as pure C# code.
It does not require any additional permissions to run.

You won’t get that ActiveX warning if you use another browser, such as Firefox.

You don’t get that warning in Internet Explorer if you go to, do you?

Maybe you won’t get that warning when running the demo application without debugging.

That’s odd – I switched to Internet Explorer as the default browser, and I’m no longer getting that ActiveX warning when debugging the demo app.

So I searched the web and found this interesting note: IE-security-warning-activex-controls-scripts.

Sure enough, the TestPage.html in the bin/Debug directory now includes the following line:

<!-- saved from url=(0014)about:internet -->

For more information: Mark of the Web.

Thanx for reply

That did the trick