Add an adornment by default to a template

I’ve got two node templates, A and B.
I’ve registered these two node templates with the diagram as follows:

var templateMap = new go.Map("string", go.Node);
templateMap.add("A", templateA);
templateMap.add("B", templateB);
templateMap.add("", myDiagram.nodeTemplate);

I have a palette setup which shares the same node template map as the the diagram. I am able to drag and drop nodes from my palette onto the diagram; it works great :)

However, what I’d like to do is - if a node is using template A, then I’d like to add a permanent adornment to it (always visible).

“Permanent adornment” meaning independent of Part.isSelected? If so, I think it would be wiser to have a different node template (or collection of node templates) that have the additional elements in them.

You’re right, I’ve made it a part of my node template now.