Add unique key to node

I’m comparing your product and Addflow and making dicision to buy
But i found some different, this your product cannot assign unique key to node,Can you demo me the sample of assign unique key to added node?

Look at the samples delivered in the demo.

There are some functions like MakeUniqueKey or so…

You could also do a static variable incremented in the



private static ulong ulUniqueID = 1;








Attention: this is not the complete solution.

After an overflow this will restart by 0,

you should consider deleting of objects also, to have

always enough space for these IDs.

A much easier solution is to just set GoDocument.MaintainsPartID to true. Then each document object (including nested ones) that implements IGoIdentifiablePart will get a unique PartID value.
Classes that implement IGoIdentifiablePart include GoNode (and therefore its subclasses), GoPort, GoLink, GoLabeledLink, and GoComment.