Adding satellite node to existing node

Hi Guys,

we need the ability to add a satellite object (goNode) to an existing node. The satellite node will have some kind of alert icon so our end users can click and get meaningful information. The satellite node will stick to a certain position of the node (probably above top-right) so whenever the node will move it will move with it. I haven’t seen anywhere in the demo using this kind of technique.

in the picture attached we can see how an alert icon is shown above the top right of an activity in the diagram. this illustrates our need.

I thought of adding a port with a goShape but i’m not sure it’s the right direction…

Can you point me to a sample code doing something similar?

Thank you,

Adi Barda

What class is your node derived from?

I’m inheriting from GoNode


I’ve managed to do it. I used GoButton and synchronized its position by overriding the Changed method of its parent node.

Thanks anyway


The normal thing to do is to add the object(s) as children of the GoNode and to override LayoutChildren to position (and maybe size) them the way you want.

Yes, I thought about it but I was afraid to do it that way because of using the digraph layout engine. I needed the new node to be in a different layer and not to be auto layout by the layout engine.

Maybe I was wrong… I’ll try your way as well.

Thank you very much,


GoButton is not a node, so that shouldn’t be an issue.

In fact, you probably want this button decoration to be part of your real node, so that the layout takes into account the increased size of the node.