Hello - I know I can probabaly figure this out on my own but I need to do a presentation at 2:00 p.m. which is why I need your help.

If I have two GoPOrts A and B for example.
and I add a link from port A to port B.
I add the link and it all works well.
But I also want to add a point to the link so that the link looks prettier.
I need to add the point at coordinate ( x= xcoordinate of the Target Port and y = y coordinate of the Source Port)
Thanks very much.

I just want to addf that I already tried
link.AddPoint(link.Bottom, link.Top);

but the link looks weird


Instead of calling GoStroke.AddPoint, maybe you want to call GoStroke.InsertPoint at a particular index.

Thamks Walter,

I will give that a try