Align multiple parallel links


I want to create some LayeredDiagraphLayout where I have multiple nodes inside a group that are all linked to the same node on the next level (see screenshot attached). But when the graph is displayed the first time, there is always some space between the parallel links. When I then drag the group node, the links are aligned. Is it possible to align them in the initial layout?
Thanks and best regards.

You have three screenshots here. Did you want the link routings to look like those in the third screenshot, but not in the first two screenshots?

What is the value of Link.routing on your Links?

I suggest that you try setting Layout.isRouting to false on your LayeredDigraphLayout. If that isn’t what you want, there are other possibilities that we can discuss.

Yes it should look like on the third picture. Setting the Layout.isRouting to false solved my problem. Thank you very much.