Alignment of Legend in Family Tree sample

Hello, in the Family Tree sample on the go.js website, the Legend for the family tree is implemented as a Table with an absolute location ( Point (350,10)), which is to the left of the top node…in my case want to orient the legend at the “bottom center” of the family tree, and I have no idea how tall the tree will be so I cannot use an absolute point reference. Can anyone steer me towards what I would need to do to accomplish an alignment of this Legend table at the bottom center of the diagram? I have tried numerous alignment\spot alignment settings but nothing has worked. Thanks much.

Yes, the GraphObject.alignment property really has no effect on Nodes or Links or random Parts, but only on GraphObjects that are inside Panels.

Normally such positioning really should be the responsibility of the Diagram.layout. Maybe you could implement a “LayoutCompleted” DiagramEvent listener that positioned the legend where you want it.