Always display choice list in GoText (ComboBox)?

Do you know if there is an easy way to always display the choice list of GoText - ComboBox during edition (i.e. not wait the user click on the arrow) ?

You could build a GoControl class to do that.

see How to embed a usercontrol

Yeah, thats was my other option. But there is much code in GoText class about handling the ComboBoxControl, and so I wanted to use it as much as possible.

True, but what’s in GoText is all one-at-a-time-while-in-edit-mode. It doesn’t work for what you want (I’m assuming you want more than one of these at one time).

This other option is to just display the multiple items in a GoMultiTextNode or a GoListGroup.

My goal is to realize an auto completion mode (same as Visual Studio), so it’s exactly like one-at-a-time-while-in-edit-mode.

I have made a new GoControl with a customised ComboBox, but I still have a problem: my control does not receive some key like Escape or Enter. I certainly forget to set a property somewhere. Do you have an idea ?

ok, the better explanation of what you’re trying to do is helpful. VS does text editing with a combobox sort of just hanging out there. (funny how you can use something everyday, but not be able to explain how it works without going to take a close look at it.)

Yes, that sort of breaks the model we have of a text object having one editor (text, up/down, combo) active while it is in edit mode.

Escape, Enter and Tab are handled in ProcessDialogKey in the TextBoxControl & ComboxBoxControl classes that are the control activated while in edit mode.

It’s quite strange: I handle keys with ProcessDialogKey(…), but escape/enter is receive when base control class if TextBox, but not receive at all if base class is ComboBox. But other usual key (aka ‘a’, ‘n’, etc.) are received normally in both case.

It seem not related to GoDiagram as the problem rise only if DropDownStyle is set to ComboBoxStyle.Simple.
But if you have any idea …

I dont know why, but I have to use ProcessCmdKey(…) when ComboBox Style is set to Simple. Weird, and not related at all to GoDiagram Embarrassed

Anyway, thanks for your help.

OK, thanks… that may help someone else.