Angular 6 - gojs integration

i m working on a project in which i load the html of component from server to a varible in angular which is then unescaped by a function

then the main component renders this html componethtml
the problem is not with go js rather with the angular the tages that are like
that are retrieved from server do not get rendered is there any one here who knows angular cz i m new to this
this is the html
this is the over view

i have tried searching the internet but doesnt seem to find what i require any help would be apreciated

We have no idea – we don’t know much about Angular.

However my reaction to your post is “why are you dealing with HTML at all if you are trying to do anything with a GoJS Diagram?” Diagrams are manipulated entirely through JavaScript, not HTML and CSS.

well i have a diagram component the main page html is coming from a server in a variable that loads multiple components including diagrams

and the back end decides which component to load and where

Deciding which component to load is entirely manipulating the HTML DOM and has nothing to do with GoJS.

ok nvm can u recommend any good forums of angular 6?

I have no idea. Sorry.