Animated Gif in JGoIconicNode


I’m new to JGo and would appreciate any help on this.
The snippet below puts a gif into the node and is fine

JGoIconicNode iNode = new JGoIconicNode("Fan");
JGoImage img = (JGoImage)iNode.createIcon("");
img.loadImage(jgoTest.class.getResource( "/images/fan32.gif"),true);

What I want to do is load up an animated gif but the above code does
not work if I change the string in getResource(…) to point to an
animated gif file. All I see is the text ‘Fan’. I’m using Java 1.4.2
and Swing.

Many thanks


Which version of JGo are you using? I thought we added some basic support for animated GIFs in JGo 5.1.

I’m using 5.1.
This snippet works fine

JGoIconicNode iNode = new JGoIconicNode(“fan”);
JGoImage img = new JGoImage();
img.loadImage( jgoTest.class.getResource( “/images/fan_green_medSpeed.gif” ), true );
iNode.setIcon( img );