Animation effect is missing for LayerSpacing and ColumnSpacing in Gojs Version 1.7.16

Hii, I was using GoJs version 1.6.7. In that whenever we change LayerSpacing and ColumnSpacing node gets smoothly changed ( animation effect ). But now I have updated my version to 1.7.16 and changed LayerSpacing and ColumnSpacing then I noticed that animation effect is missing.Is any other way we can get that animation effect back?

When I try modifying the LayeredDigraphLayout.layerSpacing or columnSpacing in the demo, Layered Digraph Layout, I still see animation happening.

I wonder what’s different in your scenario. Are you making the changes within a transaction?

Hii, Its working after adding transaction.Thanks… :-)
But it was working without transaction in old version…

Transactions have always been required, except when replacing the Diagram.model, when it is not possible to have a transaction.

Perhaps you were doing something else that caused a transaction to happen automatically.