Announcing GoJS 2.1 Beta Release

GoJS 2.1 Beta

Available at:

Install with npm: npm i gojs@beta

New Animation Capabilities

GoJS 2.1 contains a number of new features to animate different components of your Diagram.

See the Intro page on Animation and the Custom Animation extension for more details and examples.

Improved Support For Data Synchronization

GoJS 2.1 contains some new methods to ease integration of GoJS diagrams in applications that maintain their own data, particularly React apps.

See the Intro page on using GoJS with React and the gojs-react example project for details and examples. Also see gojs-react, a package containing React Components for GoJS Diagrams, Palettes, and Overviews.

Other Changes for 2.1.0:

Install with npm: npm i gojs@beta

The shortlink above gives 404 error for I had to type that in manually to get there instead of the shortlink

Thanks! I’ve fixed the link.

I’m new to GoJS and watched a few of the beginner videos. I’m building a floor plan for datacenters we have around the world with zoomin from world map to the datacenter view down to the rack view. I’m debating going with the 2.1 beta or should I start with the stable 2.0 version and upgrade later once final version released. Any suggestions? Any estimates on when 2.1 will reach production level release? I don’t mind releasing beta code to production since its just for an intranet site used only by some of our engineers and some managers so I’m leaning more towards 2.1 since the upgrade should be easier once it’s released.

I’m hoping it won’t be too long before we release 2.1.0, since there’s so much more that we can be working on. But the time really depends on the feedback that we get. If people find bugs, especially involving animation, we wouldn’t want to release until the bugs have been fixed. I do not think we know of many bugs, and I think it’s unlikely there are many that we haven’t discovered yet. We’ll see what happens.

Great, I think I’ll start with 2.1 then and help you find any bugs. Animation isn’t very important for what I’m doing so I think it should be stable enough. I’ll add some animation if it’s easy and works at the end.

Beta 2 has been released. Get it with:

npm i gojs@beta

I see 2.1 beta 3 is released. I downloaded this file
Can you guys minify site\release\go.js file and update the zip download with it?


Sorry about that. We cannot modify any files that have been released. But we’ll make sure the next release is better. That should be very soon.