Any detail doc the way virtualization implm inGoxm

Is there any detailed document or any description avaible to understand the way virtualization implemented in Diagram in goxam other than Topic: Performance considerations posted by walter

we have implemented our code in the following way..
To add node 1
To add node 2
To add link beteween nodes...
this.rcDiagram.Model.AddLink(ND1, "3", ND2,"2")
can we implmented virtualization concept with above code structure because in the Virtualization implementation as posted by Walter...they have ObservableCollection and observableCollection..... But we have not implemnted like this....Our code implementation is highlighted in blue code....

I believe you can use the VirtualizingPartManager and VirtualizingDiagramPanel from that sample you refer to without using ObservableCollections as your NodesSource and LinksSource.

The crucial requirement is the ComputeNodeBounds method that works given just a “node data” object in the model, without actually applying a DataTemplate to figure out how big the node really is and where the node really is.