Any way to control GoSubGraph auto resizing?

In the GoSubGraph, if you use the mouse to drag child objects the GoSubGraph resizes automatically.

Is there a way to control this resizing so that the bounds of the subgraph expand automatically when necessary, but otherwise do not change in response to dragging or deleting child objects.

We're not entirely sure we understand your request, but...
Check LimitingSubGraph.cs in Demo1.

Is there no method like ComputeResize which can be overridden to force a certain minimum size?

(ComputeResize seems to be called only for explicit resizing by a user, not for the automatic resize after moving subnodes around.)

Same advice as before… except the name of the sample isn’t Demo1 anymore.

Check LimitingSubGraph in NodeLinkDemo. It uses two little movable handles to set the min size of a subgraph, which has the advantage of giving the user control over the minimum.