Application freezes when JGo Credits is displayed

We are in the final stages of testing the Evaluation Jgo for Swing product and are being blocked when our application freezes during construction of a JgoView when the Credits pop-up is displayed.

Our Eclipse RCP application is attempting to display JgoView objects within a number of different SWT View Parts and Editor Parts. Our evaluation version seems to be causing the system to freeze when the Jgo Credits pop-up is displayed. I have noticed that if I construct the JgoView object within an Editor Part or View Part’s createPartControl method, the application freezes as soon as the Jgo Credits pop-up is displayed (i.e. the Credits popup OK button can’t be clicked). If I construct the JgoView object as a class variable, it usually works for the first View Part or Editor Part, but freezes when a second JgoView is constructed within another View Part or Editor Part is opened.

We are embedding the Jgo Swing View within an Eclipse SWT View Part using the SWT_AWT bridge. We have used the SWT_AWT Bridge in a number of other places and our use of it seems normal and reliable. We have chosen to embed the Swing version of your tool, rather than use the SWT version because it responded much quicker during our evaluation of the two.

Has anyone seen this before?

Our Project Team is very impressed with the design and flexibility of the tool and is eagerly looking forward to resolving this final issue. Unfortunately time is not on our side, so any advice at this stage will be thoroughly appreciated. Let me know if you need any more information or anything else from me also.

Many thanks


We haven’t tried that scenario, so we haven’t seen that problem.

But the first question that comes to mind is: why are you using the evaluation version of JGo? You’ll need to use the release version before you can release your product. The release version won’t put up the Credits dialog and therefore shouldn’t cause the hang that you are seeing.

We are using the Evaluation version of JGo because we are in the process of evaluating it. Except for the freezing, we very much like the design and flexibility of the product and are eager to resolve these issues.

I can’t be certain, but I suspect the freezing isn’t actually being caused by the JGo Credits pop-up, but something more significant… It would be very useful to know if the JGo Credits pop-up is actually causing this issue. I have emailed your sales department with a very simple, generic Eclipse RCP Plug-in code (this is not our actual project code) that reproduces this issue. Sorry about using your sales email for this, but the forums don’t seem to allow attachments and I couldn’t find any other email contacts.

I’d be happy to try and help you identify what is causing this issue. Please let me know if there is something I can try for you.


JGo displays the credits (evalutation message) dialog by using a javax.swing.JOptionPane. Your subclass of ViewPart is creating a JGoView in an override of createPartControl. I don’t know why that should cause a problem, but apparently ViewPart doesn’t take kindly to Swing JOptionPane objects being displayed during createPartControl.

We have verified that this problem doesn't occur when using the full (non-evaluation) version of JGo.