Are Web Links possible?

I guess this is a simple yes/no, but if it is yes a pointer would be very helpful. I’m searching for “gojs web link” but keep getting results for the actual link feature within a diagram.

What I’m actually trying to do is create a link to an external web site. In some of the introduction examples a diagram is created with a few Cats, photos and diagram links showing relationships. What I’m trying to do is imagine that each of those cats has a personal web page which, if they have, I could link to in the diagram. It would not be on the TextBlock but on a single fragment of text (“web site”).

I can see that that functionality would be very complicated, as the diagrams are already interactive so clicking on them activates certain functionality, so this is possibly not possible. If not then I can understand why not.

The simplest solution is to implement a click event handler on your nodes that opens whatever web page that you choose. This is demonstrated by the Euler diagram, Euler Diagram, and maybe by some other samples.

A more sophisticated solution is to use the “HyperlinkText” extension, demonstrated by Demo of HyperlinkText Builder. This is new in 1.7 but I think the definition, at, works in 1.6.

Thanks Walter, had a look at those links and the “Hyperlink Text” is working just as I want. Thanks a million for your help with that.