Arranging nodes in a group


Currently it seems the group bounds expand to fit the nodes within and the positions of the individual nodes are left in tact, but is it possible to arrange nodes within a group into a vertical grid? centering around a point on the diagram? And if its not possible with a group is it possible through some other means?

How member nodes are arranged is the responsibility of the Group.layout.

$(go.Group, ...,
    layout: $(go.GridLayout, { wrappingColumn: 1, ... })

And where the group will be depends on the layout that arranges the group.

Thanks, ill give that a go,

following up for the 2nd part of my initial question. Is the position for the group still derived by the nodes within it or can I specify where the group itself should be positioned?

If your Group has a Placeholder in it, then the group’s location will be determined by the area of its member Nodes.

But the Layout that is responsible for positioning a group will move that group, including its member nodes, to where the layout thinks it should go. For a top-level group, that layout is the Diagram.layout.