Asp.Net 2.0 Multi-view Control and GoView

We’re having a problem using the GoWeb /GoView control within a Multi-view Control (Asp.Net 2.0)

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Our Multiview control has two views, one with a GoView control and one without. On loading the page, the view with the GoView control is set to active. The GoView control renders the image and works fine. However, we switch the other view (w/o the GoView) and the switch back, the Goview doesn’t generate the IMG tag.

We’re guessing that during the post back (switching between views in the multi-view control) the GoView is losing some information.

Any suggestions on how to further trouble shoot the issue?


[aheifetz also sent e-mail, to which I responded; I forgot to post here for other people’s sake]
Actually, GoView is explicitly remembering and restoring the Control.Visible state, which is interfering with the behavior that MultiView is imposing. That’s useful when your code sets the Visible property–it will stay not Visible after postbacks until you set Visible to true again. But maybe with the introduction of WebControls.MultiView and WebControls.View in ASP.NET 2.0 we shouldn’t be storing and loading the GoView.Visible property.
You can easily work around this issue by implementing View.Activate event handlers for each View inside the MultiView. Each event handler should explicitly set GoView.Visible to true for the GoView(s) in that View.