Auto resizing of cells in tablelayout

Is it possible to avoid auto resizing of table layout if there is enough space. My scenario is when I resize the cell and put node then the cell get resized and shrink upto the node. Is it can be avoided. I tried by commenting the row and height setting to NaN in mouse drop. Now the resizing is not happening. But when you put node in the border it is not adjusting. Thanks for your help

Normally each row gets the height that is large enough to hold all nodes in the row. Same for column width wide enough for all nodes in the column. You can use RowColumnDefinitions to declare a particular minimum or maximum or exact width or height, independent of any nodes that are in the row or column. You can have multiple nodes in the same cell.

Iā€™m not sure what you mean. If you resize a node that is in a particular cell then that may affect the height of its row and the width of its column.

Not resizing node. Resizing of column or row. If I resize a particular column or row and place mode it gets adjusted and shrink a little. I want to avoid this if there is enough space in the column

Are you saying that when the user resizes a row it changes the height of the nodes in the row? That is not normal behavior ā€“ you must have a custom ResizingTool that is doing that.

User resizes a row to have more height.
Then places a node in the middle of one cell.
Then this row rearrange. Can it be possible to avoid rearranging if enough space is there?

So do you have a Group in each row? What is it that the user resizes ā€“ the Group? If so, it appears that your Group does not keep its height when someone adds a Node to it. Change your Group template so that does not happen.