AutoRescale of nodes

I’m using some methods like concat,substring etc.These methods extend JGoArea.The input arguments and output are included as the childs into this JGoArea.
For example:
Drag and drop the “concat” method which extend JGoArea into the canvas which extend JGoView.This method contains 2 input arguments as its childs namely string1 and string2 and output as return string.These also extend JGoArea and are placed inside the rectangle.
Initially for these methods, I linked literal values to the input of the operator.
Instead I would to add the editing feature to the input arguments so that I can enter values directly into the input of the operator .
Right now I’m able to enter the values directly into the input of the operator,but the size of the node is not varying accordingly.It remained as the same when it was created initially.
So,I’ll be thankful if anyone suggest me the way to approach it.

I don’t understand exactly what you want to do. But the basic answer to your implicit question is to make sure that your override of JGoArea.layoutChildren can do whatever it wants to position and/or resize any of its child objects.
My guess is that you just need to calculate the union of the bounding rectangles of the children of the area, excluding that rectangle. Then you can set the bounds of that rectangle.
You just need to make sure that you don’t refer (directly or indirectly) to the bounding rectangle of the area after you have moved or resized any of the children, because the bounding rectangle of the area may have changed due to that move or resize.