Autoscroll problem when dragging a link

I have a large map and try to link from one node to another which is not in view area. When I drag the link to the edge of the frame, the view area autoscrolls, but if I do not complete the link, but release the mouse when autoscrolling, the autoscroll doesn’t stop until I click somewhere on the view area or the scrollbars.

This behaviour doens't happen on nodes.

I’ve just tried to reproduce this using the MinimalApp sample application, but it seems to work correctly for me. I drag one of the nodes to the edge of the diagram and allow autoscrolling to extend the document for me. I then move the node back and attempt to draw a link to the edge of the diagram, initiating autoscrolling. When I release the mouse button, the autoscrolling stops.

Can you reproduce the problem using MinimalApp or does it only happen in your application?

I can reproduce it with the MinimalApp. Steps to do that,

1. move the second node to the bottom right corner of the frame
2. make the frame very small, say 300x300 pixels, so that only the first node is visible
3. start linking from the first node, dragging the temporary link to the edge of the frame so that autoscroll starts (the linking is still not done)
4. when frame is autoscrolling, release the mouse to cancel the link, but the scroll bar is still moving.
Ah, are you using the SWT version? I can reproduce the problem using the SWT problem, but not with the Swing version.
Give me a moment to look at this and I'll try to get you a solution later today.

Add the following line to the very end of the JGoView doMouseUp(int modifiers, Point dc, Point vc) method, just before “return true;”:

Thanks for finding this. This correction will be in the next JGo release.

thank you! It works well.