Autoscroll to the blinking / highlighting node

I have scenario where i have a flow chart with 200 nodes and i am getting some live data contain key of node.Through this live data( which is coming every second) i am highlighting my node one by one.

This is my code for blinking

var model = $rootScope.ExecutionFlowChartView.myDiagram.model;
var data = key;
model.setDataProperty(data, "highlight", true or false);

Is it possible that diagram view is auto scroll to blinking node ?

First I should point out that if you have enabled the UndoManager, it is recording ChangedEvents each time you highlight a node. That is probably undesirable for your app. I recommend that you temporarily set Diagram.skipsUndoManager to true.

One convenient way to do that in version 1.8 is to call Diagram | GoJS API with a second argument of null. There is also a similar method on Model.

myDiagram.commit(function(d) {
  d.model.set(data, "highlight", trueOrFalse);
}, null);

Call either Diagram | GoJS API or Diagram | GoJS API

throw me error

using centerRect(r)

VM791:903 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘x’ of undefined
at E.centerRect.E.cF (eval at globalEval (http://localhost:58039/Assets/main_LayoutAccelerator.js?v=v-0.2345-beta:2:2552), :903:72)
at http://localhost:58039/Angularjs/LayoutAccelerator/mainAngular.js?v=v-0.2345-beta:21321:23
at E.commit (eval at globalEval (http://localhost:58039/Assets/main_LayoutAccelerator.js?v=v-0.2345-beta:2:2552), :888:366)

using scrollToRect(r)

Uncaught Error: Rect.containsRect:r value is not an instance of Rect: Node#6118(Wait)
at Object.k (eval at globalEval (main_LayoutAccelerator.js?v=v-0.2345-beta:2), :32:21)
at Object.kc (eval at globalEval (main_LayoutAccelerator.js?v=v-0.2345-beta:2), :33:480)
at Object.l (eval at globalEval (main_LayoutAccelerator.js?v=v-0.2345-beta:2), :32:249)
at C.containsRect.C.Sk (eval at globalEval (main_LayoutAccelerator.js?v=v-0.2345-beta:2), :149:304)
at E.scrollToRect.E.UG (eval at globalEval (main_LayoutAccelerator.js?v=v-0.2345-beta:2), :902:429)
at mainAngular.js?v=v-0.2345-beta:21323
at E.commit (eval at globalEval (main_LayoutAccelerator.js?v=v-0.2345-beta:2), :888:366)

Sorry, I typed the code incorrectly, not passing the node’s bounds, a Rect. I have updated the code, above.

Just one more thing ,Instead of highlighting node can we change background color of node ?

myDiagram.commit(function(d) {
d.model.set(data, “highlight”, trueOrFalse); <— Here
}, null);

Sure, you can do anything you like. For example, please read GoJS Highlighting -- Northwoods Software