Avoid rearrange of Nodes


This is regarding rearranging of nodes. In current silverlight chart, am using TreeModel, I rearrange nodes at random locations. now when I add a child node into some node, whole tree rearranges itself. I don’t want them to rearrange themselves. Please provide me some code to do the same.


You want to set the ConditionFlags attribute on your TreeLayout.

I’m not sure what values would be appropriate for your app, but you could try “None”.

Thanks Mr.Walter. I tried changing ConditionFlag to None, I got something that I desired. Would you please tell sir what are these ConditionFlags and what value does it take? What are the options with us that we can use to fill up this property??

DiagramLayout.Conditions property

LayoutChange enumeration

Also you can easily find examples in the samples Demo.

FYI: Silverlight 4 has much better support for XAML, so you can just set the Conditions attribute just as you can in WPF. Only Silverlight 3 required us to provide this alternative attribute that could be handled in Silverlight 3’s XAML.