Avoid Rubber-band rectangle


Does anybody know how to avoid the rubber-band rectangle when

dragging the mouse over the JGoView ?

Thanks in advance,

Lu’s Pacheco

In JGo 5.0 or earlier override JGoView.doMouseDown to call the super method first and then check to see if (getState() == MouseStateDragBoxSelection). If true, call doCancelMouse().
In JGo 5.1 you can override JGoView.startDragBoxSelection to just call doCancelMouse() and return false.


thanks for your response.

It worked but there’s a little problem.

I’d like to have normal drag (animated layout is already working) if the

user catch any JGoObject, but if he drags no object, the JGoView would

move following the mouse, as if we drag the hole view.

It was working before the overriding doMouseDown, now the normal drag

of an object dissapeared and all the dragging results in moving the hole


Version is 5.0.

Could you help me once more ?



It’s ok. I forgot to call the super.doMouseDown