Avoiding auto-layout when virtualized

Hi ,

I recently found out that GoXam performs a layout for each n everything unless a ConditionFlags is set in the layout.
Now i'm in the process of implementing virtualization(well it certainly has improved performance),
But when i do a modification in the loaded diagram , Goxam performs an auto layout for the nodes inside the viewport,this does not update other nodes which is not in the view port, what happens after that is none of the nodes are visible in the view port and when i scroll all the nodes are jumbled (one top of another..i can attach a screen shot if reqd).
I have various "property" on the nodes and links which gets changed quite often and i do not want want the raisepropertychanged event to call out to diagram layout . The ConditionFlags does not have "property" listed .
public override void OnPropertyChanged(ModelChangedEventArgs e) {
//What should i do here to avoid laying out if i dont want to depending upon e.Change

By default the value of DiagramLayout.Conditions is “Standard”, which includes all cases of adding or removing a Node or a Link.

So you may want to set Conditions=“None” and explicitly do the layout only when you want it, by calling Diagram.LayoutDiagram().