Balloon class?


We just updated to JGo 5.3 Professional.
I want to try the new feature “Balloon class” but I can’t find it.


Yes, it looks like some files were unintentionally omitted from the kit. Please add an email address to your forum registration (Settings/Edit Profile) and I’ll send you a pointer to the updated kits.

I add the e-mail address.


I also am evaluating using the Balloon class in 5.3 and cannot find it in the eval package (we are working on purchase as I write).

Any way I can get ahold of the Balloon class?

You should find it in the com.nwoods.jgo.examples folder. The file name is

Thanks, Scott. I should have posted late yesterday, since I found this where you noted and started using it.

Again, many thanks for the response.