I notice that you have GoBalloon in the .NET product is there anything in the JGo product that can do the same thing?

No, there isn’t.

But you can try:
Note that you need to make sure any of the objects you want the Balloon to point to implement JGoObject.getPartner and setPartner. There's code for that shown in the main comment for the Balloon class.

Thanks for the balloon! I did twist mine into a version of a wiener-dog though and added the following so I could save and load it:

        :                    :                    :                    :

public void SVGUpdateReference(String attr, Object referencedObject)
super.SVGUpdateReference(attr, referencedObject);
if (attr.equals(“polyobj”)) {
myPoly = (JGoPolygon)referencedObject;
else if (attr.equals(“label”)) {
myLabel = (JGoText)referencedObject;
else if (attr.equals(“anchor”)) {
myAnchor = (JGoObject)referencedObject;

public void SVGWriteObject(DomDoc svgDoc, DomElement jGoElementGroup)
// Add Comment element
if (svgDoc.JGoXMLOutputEnabled()) {
DomElement jBalloon = svgDoc.createJGoClassElement(
“com.cloudshield.vppc.Balloon”, jGoElementGroup);
jBalloon.setAttribute(“partid”, Integer.toString(myPartID));
// The following elements are all children of this area and so will be writen out
// by JGoArea.SVGWriteObject(). We just need to update the references to them.
if (myPoly != null) {
svgDoc.registerReferencingNode(jBalloon, “polyobj”, myPoly);
if (myLabel != null) {
svgDoc.registerReferencingNode(jBalloon, “label”, myLabel);
if (myAnchor != null) {
svgDoc.registerReferencingNode(jBalloon, “anchor”, myAnchor);

// Have superclass add to the JGoObject group
super.SVGWriteObject(svgDoc, jGoElementGroup);


public DomNode SVGReadObject(DomDoc svgDoc, JGoDocument jGoDoc, DomElement svgElement, DomElement jGoChildElement)
if (jGoChildElement != null) {
// This is a balloon element
String partid = jGoChildElement.getAttribute(“partid”);
if (partid.length() > 0)
myPartID = Integer.parseInt(partid);
String rectobj = jGoChildElement.getAttribute(“polyobj”);
svgDoc.registerReferencingObject(this, “polyobj”, rectobj);
String label = jGoChildElement.getAttribute(“label”);
svgDoc.registerReferencingObject(this, “label”, label);
String anchor = jGoChildElement.getAttribute(“anchor”);
svgDoc.registerReferencingObject(this, “anchor”, anchor);
super.SVGReadObject(svgDoc, jGoDoc, svgElement, jGoChildElement.getNextSiblingJGoClassElement());
return svgElement.getNextSibling();

        :                    :                    :                    :

Thanks. I have updated the file in the uploads directory.