Bezier curve selection points

Is there a way to change the scale of the of the selection points for the bezier curves on the links? I looked and couldn’t figure anything out…

The problem is that the users are doing some pretty curvey links and end up with a handle point that is outside of the view (and no way to get back to it). I would like to reduce the scale on it so that this won’t happen.



The control points really are where those resize selection handles are positioned.
How did they get the selection handle so far away in the first place, so that they can't get back to it?
Perhaps you want to increase the effective size of the document so that the view can scroll further -- override JGoView.getDocumentTopLeft and getDocumentSize to make the view's notion of the document's extent to be larger than it actually is.

The users are doing some big S-Curve style links close to the boarder of the document. It seems that the more complex the link shape is the farther out the selection points get.