Bezier style stroke's bounds

Hi *,
I simulated an arc shape using a four points GoStroke with the Style set to Bezier.However the bounds of the resulting stroke are not strictly related to the points I set.There is an offset of 10 for the location and I get 20 for the Width and Height even I set the same coordinates for the four points.
Am I missing something or there is an issue when calculating the GoStroke’s bounds?

The Bounds of a Bezier-style GoStroke are approximate. They should be large enough to include everything, but are not guaranteed to be the minimum.

Thanks for your answer Walter.However I was almost sure that should be a trick to solve my problem since I get the same ofsset(10) all the time.Any other idea on how to implement a reshapable arc object ?

I guess I don’t understand your problem. Do reshapable Bezier curves in Demo1 and in StateCharter work well for you?

Hi Walter,
Actually the problem I have is related to the alignement of Bezier curves (I implemented Format/Align features similar to Demo1).To understand what I mean try to use the “Align Left Sides” , “Align Tops” features in Demo1 having selected a Bezier curve and any another object in the diagram.You will notice the offset I told you about.

I see what you mean. The fudge factor of 10 is probably excessive; we’ll have to figure out what the right value should be.
I suppose if you’re not too concerned about it sometimes being a little bit too small, you could just deflate the computed Bounds by 10 (or by 9?) on each side. However, when we improve the computation, you’ll need to update your code.