Brush the paint in Node

Hi Support

I am trying to change the color of the node. i am getting below error

myDiagram.nodes.each(function(n) {
if( == commandOper.layer){
var shape = n.findObject(“SHAPE”);
var color = “#D24726”; //levelColors[level];
if (shape)
shape.fill = $(go.Brush, “Linear”, {
0 : ‘#D24726’,
1 : go.Brush.lightenBy(’#D24726’,
start : go.Spot.Left,
end : go.Spot.Right


Uncaught Error: Brush.constructor:type value is not an instance of a constant of class Brush: function ( selector, context ) {
// The jQuery object is actually just the init constructor ‘enhanced’
// Need init if jQuery is called (just allow error to be thrown if not included)
return new jQuery.fn.init( selector, context );

It looks like you’re using jQuery, which uses the $ symbol already. Make sure your alias for go.GraphObject.make doesn’t conflict. For instance you could use var GO = go.GraphObject.make;, then GO(go.Brush, ...).