Bug in GoGroup.PickObjects?

Hi walter, maybe i found a bug in GoWin beta. GoGroup.PickObjects seems to return allways a single object and not a collection. For a given point of a node i expect to get an centered port and the rectangle representing the node. But Pick and PickObjects do return only the node shape. Would you please check this.

Yes, that’s intentional. It hasn’t changed for 2.4 either. You’ll note that GoSubGraph does what you expected, for example.
The reason GoGroup behaves the way it does is because most people would expect to get a collection of nodes that happen to overlap at a point. They don’t want to get a collection of all objects, including various rectangles and ellipses and texts that are actually parts of groups/nodes.

Ok, but i would like to use PickObjects for my node class to check if there is a port at a give location. And i dont need the topmost object (shape) of a node. Well, i think i have to write this on my own. Not difficult but not the way i expected…