Hi, I’m using Go Winforms 2.5.2 and noticed the following odd behavior in the SubGraph App, and was wondering if this behavior has changed in the latest version:

1. Create a node that is a member of a "custom subgraph."
2. Select the node inside of the subgraph, and then the subgraph itself. Order is important here.
3. Click "Make Custom Subgraph." You will get an unhandled exception.
I noticed that if you select the subgraph and then the contained node, you will not get this error when you click make subgraph.

I can reproduce. thanks, we’ll look at this.


Is there any word on what causes this? Is this a bug, or a misuse of the API? In our application, we allow users to shift-drag sets and if this condition occurs, it blows up.

I’m still checking this, but it looks like replacing this line in MakeSubGraph Method in the sample Form1.cs:
common = GoObject.FindCommonParent(common, obj);

with this line:
common = GoObject.FindCommonParent(common, obj.Parent);
fixes the problem.