Button on bottom of node , irrespective of height and on click it should show more data

Hello Guys ,
I have 2 queries.
First of all on my page load , my nodes is having maximum height of 100 , irrespective of how much data it contain , what all data can be shown in height 100 , it can be shown , after 90 height , it should show load more button (so 1 concerns- how to place load more button in bottom of node always ) with in 100 height what ever data is shown with in that height , Load More is must .

it have more data in response , but somehow , after 100px data should not be shown and load more button in place

Again when you click on load more , the height should increase to 500px with more data showing and instead of load more , it should be collapse button , again on bottom of node(position of the collapse button should be bottom of node)

Am not sure how to achieve this ? if you guys can help me on the same , will be helpful

So main queries are

  1. how to place load more button on bottom of node
  2. on clicking load more button , height of node increase to show all data+ load more button to be replace with collapse button
  3. collapse button on bottom of node
 $(go.Shape, { fill: 'white', name: 'SHAPE', maxSize: new go.Size(100, 100) }),
//description data
    new go.Binding('itemArray', 'mylist'),
            itemTemplate: $(
 new go.Binding('text', 'name')
               new go.Binding('text', 'grade')

on page load its 100 height and on click on load more button , height increases to 500 and show all data.

Help me with

  1. How to place buttons
  2. On click on load more , it should change to collapse button
  3. height increases from 100 to 500 on click

Isn’t this a duplicate of How can i expand the node length on click in gojs ?

Yes , just made in detail and forgot to delete

OK, we’ll add to that topic later today.