Button with group of buttons

Hi @walter,

I am trying to group 2 buttons in a single button as shown in the following image:

As shown in “Image 1”:
2 separated Buttons: “Show Details” and "View In"

As shown in “Image 2”:
I need to group these buttons into a single button say, “Actions”.
2 buttons “Show Details” and “View In” will be visible with either “mousehover” or “click” on “Actions” button, otherwise remain invisible.

I have achieved the one shown in “Image 1”, but couldn’t find a way to achieve the one shown in “Image 2”.

Could you please help.


You can create a single button, and set its click and mouseHover functions to show a “Spot” panel Adornment which contains the two “sub-buttons.”

It can work similar to the Hover Buttons sample with a few tweaks. Let us know if you have trouble setting it up.