Can I change node's toolTip dynamically?

I define toolTip in noteTemplate:

       {toolTip:  // define a tooltip for each node that displays the color as text
           $(go.Adornment, "Auto",
             $(go.Shape, { fill: "#FFFFCC" }),
             $(go.TextBlock, { name: "nodeToolTip",margin: 8 ,font: "bold 6pt Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif"},
                new go.Binding("text", "isHighlighted",function(h,shape) { return h ? "red" : + "\r\n" + "\r\n"  }).ofObject())
       )  // end of Adornment


It works, but i want to change some nodes’s toolTip content dynamically. Is that possible?

any help is appreciated!

That’s what Bindings are for.

But you already have one. In your app, doesn’t the tooltip’s text change dynamically based on which node is shown?

Or do you mean something different by “dynamically”?

Thanks for your reply, Walter.
What I want to do is to change one special node’s tooltip’s text dynamically, for example, node A has one toolTip like “This is server A, it works well now”. sometimes , the toolTip of this node A should be shown " This is server A. It got some problems" for some reasons. Can I change the toolTip’s text by program? Should I use myDiagram.model.setDataProperty?

I once tried :
       var nodeA = myDiagram.findNodeForKey("nodeA");
       var aToolTip = nodeA.findObject("nodeToolTip");

But I don’t now how to continue…

If your tooltip’s text is dependent on the node’s data, by a Binding, then all you need to do is modify the node’s data property or properties. So, yes, call Model.setDataProperty.