Can i change the document's vertical scale?

For example: change the godocument’s docscale property can change the

document's scale.
now i only want change the godocument's vertical scale,
how to change? or is it possible?

There’s an undocumented way to do this, but it’s almost never what people want, because it stretches or compresses everything that is drawn, including text and shapes and images. Imagine a screenshot image whose height is changed, without changing its width.

Is that what you really want?
If not, the best thing to do is to change the Y coordinates of the positions of the nodes that you care about. Basically, set the GoObject.Top property to be some fraction of its value.

what is the undocumented way?

I really want only change the document's width without changing its height. Thank you very much.

To change just the horizontal scale, change the GoDocument Size property as follows:

view1.Document.Size = new SizeF(-26, scale);
where a scale of 1.0 is normal.