Can I create custom HTML node?

Hi ,

I have a palette and a diagram area.

In palette I have nodes with custom images.

When I drag and drop those nodes into the diagram area, I want to display that in a custom html view like below(Inside html DIV , i want to put multiple icons and i want to give click events to them).

Can you suggest the best solution for this.

GoJS doesn’t support arbitrary HTML within nodes for performance reasons. But based on your mockup, it seems you should be able to build a node template using Shapes, TextBlocks, Pictures, etc to produce that result. You can also use click events, context menus, and tooltips.

You may want to read about building Parts, Panels, and Nodes.

Hi jhardy,

Thank you so much for the quick response.

it’s just a sample design element image I posted in design area.

I have to customize a lot to do my functionality.

I need to design that entire element with HTML elements like div,span , anchor tag, image with style classes and icons

And also events like single click, double click, context menu customization with some styles, tool tip customization with some styles.

It seems that , this much of customization is not possible with go js.

I still think you can achieve a lot of that with GoJS. You won’t be using HTML elements, but GoJS has click events, as well as custom HTML context menus and tooltips.

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