Can I do layout for some special nodes?

1, Can I do layout for some special nodes(may be in a Gogroup) in a GoView ? The position of there nodes must be in a special area(may be the bounds of the group), and the rest of nodes are still in there previous postions.
2, If I want to make a topo map with, how to add maps as backgroud?

  1. Yes is the basic answer. I’m not sure if you are referring to GoLayout or not, though. If so, you can perform the layout on a subset of your diagram by using a GoLayoutNetwork.
  2. The easiest but most restrictive way is to set GoView.BackgroundImage.
    The most general way is to create a GoImage object with your map. Then you want to decide if the map should be part of the GoView or part of your GoDocument. For the former case, you can Add it to the GoView.BackgroundLayer; for the latter case, you can create your own background layer in the document and add it to that.
    You will probably want to make it not Selectable.